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Here you will find details of promotions and special offers on the Sundowner Outdoor Living product range. 

Special Offers and Promotions

10% Discount on Sundowner Outdoor Living

Up to 10% OFF – Christmas and New Year 2021 / 2022 

*Terms and conditions apply, and the discount only applies to the basic structure.

Valid from 19th November 2021 until 9th January 2022 inclusive.

  • Awnings 10% OFF*
  • Sail shades 10% OFF*
  • Onda’s 10% OFF*
  • Retracting roof pergolas 5% OFF*
  • Bioclimatic pergolas 5% OFF*

For example, an awning is the basic awning and is included in the 10% discount. Items such as the brackets, lights, vibration sensor, fitting etc are not included in the discount.

A Sail shade is the basic sail shade. The SS eye bolts and rigging screws, posts etc are not discounted.

The Onda is the basic unit. LED lights not included.

Retracting roof and Bioclimatic products, it is the basic unit only that is included in the discount. LED lights are an extra and not included. 

For more information please get in touch on:

020 8059 4944

Or get in touch via the contact page.

Full terms and conditions are available at Sundowner Outdoor Living upon request.


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