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Created for those who desire minimalism.

Projection (max) 512.3 cm
Width (max) 350 cm
Snow Load (max) 203 kg



The Plus series are perfect choice in all weather conditions. It’s strong, it’s powerful , it’s multifunctional, it’s modular to cover large areas.

Projection (max) 799 cm
Width (max) 450 cm
Snow Load (max) 336 kg



Skyroof Prestige is manufactured with four pillars up to a projection measure of 619.3cm.  Above this, one pillar needs to be added for each of the projection sides. The projections measurement changes in multiples of 27cm.

With its innovative sense of comfort, it allows you to retract to fully feel the sun and sky whilst offering protection from the elements when needed.

Projection (max) 619.3 cm
Width (max) 400 cm
Snow Load (max) 268 kg


Option Details

Lighting Options.

Integrated lighting systems can be dimmed to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Perimeter lighting. LED strips are integrated into the gutter profile. Available on all series.
  • Linear Lighting. LED lighting modules are positioned into the blades. Plus series only.

Control & Automation

Connexoon. Designed to easily control your product wherever you are in the world, despite the weather changes you can remotely activate your products accordingly.  Compatible with iOS and Android smartphone systems. You can assign multiple functions through created scenarios; a one-touch command.

Remote control Channel Options

  • Telis 1 Pure & Lounge. Elegant design that allows you to easily control your product. One channel. Available in white (pure) & Black (Lounge).
  • Telis 1 Patio. IP66 waterproof for outdoor use.
  • Telis 4. Multi-channel – up to 5 channels. (Available in Pure, Lounge, Patio RTS lounge and RTS Pure Roller
  • 16 Channel. Allows you to control all functions at the same time. Digital screen control.

Side cover options

For environment cover protections or to create an outdoor living area for all 4 seasons. Skyroof sides can be glass, vertical blinds or aluminium panels.

Colour options

Choose one colour or colour combinations (dual colour).  Coated with electrostatic powder paint using advanced nanotechnology.

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