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Outdoor Living

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Outdoor Living

020 8059 4944

Providing shading options for Homes, Businesses and Landscape Designers.

Main Features

Sundowner Outdoor Living  – the solution to all your outdoor shading requirements.
Providing shading options for Architects and Landscape Designers all over the country.

Great Advice

We’ve been in the shading industry for 20+ years collectively. Consequently, our expertise was gained from a mixture of internal and external shading manufacture, and a sail making background.


After our initial visit to discuss and survey your requirement, we will create a design to help you understand and visualise the product you desire. We can also consult with Architects and Landscape Designers.


From order to delivery, allow most products 14 to 21 days, some products even sooner. And we will always give you an accurate lead time before you make your purchase.


Whatever the size of your project, our friendly team of experts have the capability to ensure the complete installation is delivered safely, timely, and with little or no inconvenience.


Sundowner offers the United Kingdom the widest, smartest & most stylish range of outdoor shading solutions to both the domestic, commercial and academic markets. 


We can tailor make the best product for your requirements.  This could be seasonal use only, or we can create all-year round options. So our product range covers all possibilities. 


Bioclimatic Pergolas

Strong, powerful, multifunctional, and modular to cover large areas. In other words, a perfect choice in all weather conditions.

Image shows: Skyroof Prestige Pergola

Retractable Pergolas

Strong, powerful, multifunctional, and modular to cover large areas. In other words, a perfect choice in all weather conditions.

Image shows: Coral Retractable Pergola

Free Standing Shading

The freestanding and retractable structure. In other words, designed to inject luxury to your life

Image shows: Giulio Barbieri ONDA

Vertical Blinds

Vertical zip blinds have a unique zip system to prevent ingress of rainwater and wind. And by using screen fabric you can control sun rays coming into your living area through the window.

Image shows: Windstor Vertical Zip Blind


Perfect for al fresco dining, used by commercial & residential customers to provide all year round comfort. And simply stylish & effective.

Image shows: Sundowner Standard Parasol

Sail Shades

Versatile, affordable & efficient. Our sail shades are made to impress. Manufactured precisely to ensure an excellent end product.

Image shows: 6 Corner Hypar Shade – Fabric: Precontraint 502 – Champagne

Sun Awning Range

Our flagship awning, motorised operation with optional built-in LED lights.

Image shows: The Sundowner Awning

Get Started

We can start the process with as little as a few photos from you, and some approximate sizes. And between us we can design your external shading requirements.


Fact Flash

Keeping cool and protected over the summer months

A properly installed, high quality shade sail, canopy or awning can significantly reduce the temperature of an outdoor space on hot, sunny days, by up to 30%.

By blocking out 95% of the sun’s UV rays and reflecting solar radiation a quality canopy will not only keep you shaded, and protect you from direct sunlight, but it will also prevent the sunlight hitting the ground, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed.

A breathable fabric will also allow any heat that has accumulated under the sail to escape as the hot air rises through the fabric. If the canopy has been installed with a slight slope or curvature then it will encourage the air beneath to flow freely, creating a natural ventilation and a cooler environment.

Install quality awning

Introducing DB Blinds & Curtains

Window Blinds

Wide range of window blinds for sale. From Allusion Blinds to Vision Blinds, Black Out Blinds to Velux Blinds.


Various shutter options available. From full height, tier-on-tier and café style to track systems.

Motorised Blinds

Stylish and sleek motorised blinds, which are simplicity defined. Modern designs to compliment all rooms.


Beautifully made cushions from a variety of types and styles. Made to your exact specifications.


Offering a whole range of made to measure curtains to your exact specifications. All types and styles of window treatments.

Silent Gliss

Designed to be modern and sleek. Curtain Tracks and Metropole systems for modern interiors.

DB Blinds & Curtains

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